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What does this line of PHP code mean? That is, the question mark bit followed by true, colon, false?

return(isset($_SESSION['id'])) ? true : false;
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Shorthand for if(a=b){c}else{d} –  Moe Tsao Jan 3 at 23:35
It's actually useless in this scenario. return isset($_SESSION['id']); does exactly the same thing. Someone was trying to get fancy and ended up looking like an idiot. –  Jeremy Jan 3 at 23:36

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It's a ternary operator.

It's simply short-hand for:

if (isset($_SESSION['id']))
  return true;
  return false;
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@Jeremy: Surprised that a 3,5k user would feel pity enough to complain about it. ;-) –  kba Jan 3 at 23:39

Same as:

if isset($_SESSION['id']) {
     return true;
} else {
     return false;
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This syntax is for Ternary operators in PHP

It runs like (Condition to evalute) ?( Return result if condition is true) : (return result if condition is false)

in your case return(isset($_SESSION['id'])) ? true : false;

if $_SESSION['id'] is set it will return true and if session is not set it will return false.

? mark is equivalent for if statement while : is for else

It is short form of if else statement

link : http://davidwalsh.name/php-shorthand-if-else-ternary-operators

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This is a ternary operator.short for

   return true;
 }else{ return false;}

However this is useless because isset() already returns true or false

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? boolean-condition [action] : [action] is the ternary conditional operator and is short for:

if ([condition]) { [action] } else { [action] }

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Surprised that a 9k+ user would answer a duplicate... :facepalm: –  Jeremy Jan 3 at 23:38
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