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just when i knew how to deal with data connections to mysql, i just wanted to echo a simple data from 1 column by specific id, for now i just wanted to show the id as a test, but its really confusing why its giving me this error.

action controller:

public function actionTest()
    $id = 2;
    $peticion = Peticion::model()->findByPk($id);
    $cotizacion = null; //Cotizacion::model()->findByPk($peticion->cotizacion_id);
    $decreto = null; //Decreto::model()->findByPk($peticion->decreto_id);
    $tipos = null; //Tipos::model()->findByPk($peticion->tipos_id);
    $caracterizacion = null; //Caracterizacion::model()->findByPk($peticion->caracterizacion_id);

    $this->render('test', array(

the view:

<h1>Testing Vars..</h1>

echo $peticion->id;

i just wanted it to show me the id of this table column, no relations are needed for this call cause its just trying to get gathered from the same table, i really dont see what im making this wrong.

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Maybe it's not finding a record? What's the output of print_r($peticion); –  ameagher Jan 3 at 23:54
its showing nothing –  nosthertus Jan 3 at 23:56
Then it's not finding a record. Are you sure there's a record with a primary key of 2? –  ameagher Jan 3 at 23:58
sorry, i had to go to the server to see what was the problem, checked on the table and found out that id 2 didnt exist, that was the problem, thanks anyways for your attention –  nosthertus Jan 4 at 0:00

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