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So our company uses Jenkins, with the Maven repository plugin. Our Jenkins requires a signin to access any of it's pages.

So I setup my settings.xml file with the repository name (set in my POM.xml), my username for the Jenkins, and my password (encrypted in the maven command prompt). I then refreshed my settings.xml file in m2e, as well as made sure the path was correct. I refreshed all of my dependancies, but I still get:

Error code 403, Forbidden

When I attempt to compile.

Is there something that I am forgetting? Or is this just not possible?

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Error code 401 indicates an authentication/authorization problem. 403 ("forbidden") suggests you're accessing an invalid URL. Run Maven in debug mode and attempt to debug the URLs being used. –  Mark O'Connor Jan 4 '14 at 15:39
The URL is correct, that is definitely not the issue. –  PaulBGD Jan 5 '14 at 2:23
Asking an obvious question... You're not publishing artifacts to Jenkins are you? That is not supported.... Personally I run a separate instance of Nexus to host my release binaries. I also publish build logs into Nexus, so this setup means I have no strong backup requirements for my Jenkins server. –  Mark O'Connor Jan 5 '14 at 17:16
We're considering putting a Nexus up. As well, no. Just trying to use the Maven Repository plugin. –  PaulBGD Jan 6 '14 at 2:17

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