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I'm using formtastic and paperclip to upload a file in an internationalized application.

This works just fine

f.input :yaml_upload, :as =>:file

giving me(in the html) a label on the left(translated via formtastic), then a browse button with the label "Browse..." and then "No file selected" (prior to a file being selected) as a kind of hint (not the regular formtastic translated hint). How do I setup a translation for the "Browse" and "No file selected" text?

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I've been struggling with the same question some time ago, and after searching the internet for hours (days?) bottom line was: you can't. It's the browser itself that interferes with this. And indeed, if I move to a "foreign" browser (another language), this button translates into that language... –  Danny Jan 4 at 6:59

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