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I need to add X no of days to today. So far I have researched most of the questions in stackoverflow and I have tried the following code:

GregorianCalendar today = new GregorianCalendar();
today.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR,100);//I have also tried Calendar.DATE too

SimpleDateFormat formatter=new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-DD"); 
String currentDate = formatter.format(today.getTime());     

When I see the Current Date, I see the month is displayed correctly, but the Date is incorrect. In the above example, I am seeing 2014-04-103 as the output.

I also want the correct date. Please help.


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Did you read the javadoc? What does DD stand for in your pattern? –  Sotirios Delimanolis Jan 4 at 2:31
You should have used the google query: "adding days to date in java" which gets you one of the hundreds of times this question has been answered on stack overflow: adding days to a date in JAVA –  Eric Leschinski Jan 4 at 2:39

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DD is day in year so its the 103rd day of the year.- you want dd for day in month

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Thanks. Using SimpleDateFormat formatter=new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-DD"); works –  user3010197 Jan 4 at 3:03

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