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I have a function which takes const std::wstring& font_family, i.e.

Font Font::CreateFont(const std::wstring& font_family){ ... }

By question is how can I call that funcion by passing a string literal (e.g monospace)?

I tried

CreateFont("std::wstring("monospace") );

Both does not compile. Any one have better idea?

Thank you.

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The leading "L" directs the compiler to generate a wide (wchar_t) string.

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In general, L"string literal" generates a wide-character (wchar_t) string literal (which is exactly what you want for std::wstring.) Exactly what wchar_t is is platform dependent. On Windows a wchar_t stores a UTF-16 code point, but on other platforms it could represent, for example, a UTF-32 code point. –  jamesdlin Jan 19 '10 at 7:57
Note that the platform-dependency doesn't matter for the answer. L"" is a wchar_t[] and std::wstring wants a wchar_t*, so this works on all systems, whether wchar_t is 8, 16, 32 or 42 bits. –  MSalters Jan 19 '10 at 8:17
std::wstring s(L"Monospace");

the ctor for wstring doesn't accept narrow characters, only wides...

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