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I have a UIViewController (let's call it "EditViewController") which has a Container View on it (call it "ContainerView") where I switch in and out various subviews (call the one I'm most concerned with "EditDetailsView").

From the EditDetailsView I need to change the title in the navigation bar of the EditViewController. I can't seem to be able to figure out how to reference it.

From inside EditViewController I can simply make a statement like:

self.title = @"Some new title";

and it changes just fine.

But from the EditDetailsView view that is currently the subview of ContainerView nothing seems to work:

self.title = ... is obviously wrong.

super.title = ... doesn't work and seems wrong anyway.

super.super.title = ... errors out as super is not a property found on UIViewController.

Can someone please tell me how to reference the title? I'm kinda lost.


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While digging through the parentViewController chain is possible, it is error prone and unrecommended. It is considered a bad design. Imagine you set up your view controller hierarchy in some manner, but after a few months change it a bit and now there is one level deeper. Or, you would like to use the same view controller in several different scenarios. A much better design would be to pass the new title to the container view controller using delegation. Create a delegate protocol, with a method for setting the title.

- (void)childViewController:(ChildViewController*)cvc didChangeToTitle:(NSString*)title;

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