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How to change text "Eclipse" to some other text say "AshuEclipse" in the Header left hand corner?

Note: I dont want ot change the header to show workspace ,but I want to change the word Eclipse itself.

Plz suggest.

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One solution an one workaround:

Solution (in theory, not tested)

The main Eclipse Windows is a WorkbenchWindow for the org.eclipse.ui plugin. It is created by the platform plugin.
If you look into the resources files within the org.eclipse.platform, you could see some files able to keep this value (for you to change it)

I have found:


It contains:

blurb=Eclipse Platform\n\



pluginName=Eclipse Platform

productName=Eclipse Platform
productBlurb=Eclipse Platform\n\

Try and modify those values to see if the display can change. (I would bet on productBlurb)

Just tested: it does not change the display, so you need to explore some of the jars in the plugins directory of eclipse. In theory, you could change one of its resource file...

Workaround (if the previous section does not work)

My eclipse3.5 actually displays the name of the current perspective.

For instance; the Php perspective would be displayed in the header left hand corner:

alt text

So one solution would be to save your favorite perspective as "Ashu - Php Debug", and you would get what you want.
(see "create your own perspective" article)

alt text

That would need to be redefined for every perspective you are usually using.
And it would still have "Eclipse" at the end...

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I want to change Eclipse itself which is still there in ur ans."-Eclipse" to "-AshuEclipse" not the perspective name . can we do that. – Ashu Jan 19 '10 at 9:25

Preferences > General > Workspace > Workspace name

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Right click on eclipse shortcut and go to properties.

Change target url text.

-> C:\your eclipe folder\eclipse.exe -showlocation <em>YOURTITLE</em>
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This does not change the text "Eclipse" but rather adds YOURTITLE to the end of the text. What version are you using? – alkar Nov 16 '12 at 1:01
sorry but I don't know about that. but I think my own is useful :) – Shine Yu Mar 25 '13 at 1:16

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