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I've been practicing windows phone app development for the past one year. I really want to move on the game development field. To learn game development , I Google what are the scopes available for learning game development in the windows phone 8 platform.

The answers I got were like development using XNA framewors, MonoGame framework and Unity3d framework. Some of the forums have got some "Getting Started with" these framework.

What I expect from this community is suggest some websites that offer video tutorials for windows phone 8 game development for any game engines that has future. This can be paid/free.

Does XNA have future in the game development.

I'll be very happy if someone can find out a complete 2d/3d game development video tutorial series from scratch. This should be in Windows Phone platform USING C# AND XAML.

I failed find these over internet. I'm really determined to learn game development.

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Mate, game engines with future? Some of them have more present than windows phone has...you should look first at game design, game mechanics and then game dev. You don't need specific tutorials on windows 8 just choose your frameworks and learn that –  VicM Jan 5 at 14:11

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