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I am trying to write a helper class in my Sinatra application. I'm trying to access Sinatra properties somehow but always getting nil. My code is as follows:


configure do
  enable :sessions
  set :session_secret, "STHSTHSTH"
  # DATABASE_URL is provided by environment, or can be set on the command line
  # For instance: DATABASE_URL=mysql://localhost/freecoins rackup
  # will run the app with the database at localhost/freecoins.
  DataMapper.setup(:default, ENV['DATABASE_URL'])
  # These set it up to automatically create/change tables when
  # their models are updated.

  # Here we read in the config file and parse the JSON from it.
  config = JSON.parse(File.read("config/config.json"))

  # Then we loop through each element in the JSON object and
  # assign it to Sinatra's settings.
  # They are accessed via settings.key anywhere in the app,
  # especially in some of the routes.
  config.each do |k, v|
    set k.to_sym, v

set :views,  'views'

Dir["routes/*.rb"].each {|file| require_relative file }
Dir["models/*.rb"].each {|file| require_relative file }
Dir["helpers/*.rb"].each {|file| require_relative file }

# This has to be called once all the models have been defined.

helper class:

class WalletHelper
    @currency = nil
    @client = nil
    def initialize(currency)
        puts $settings #settings is nil here

How can I access properties of the app, settings for example, as I do in get blocks?

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Where are you creating new WalletHelper object? –  matt Jan 4 '14 at 16:33

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You should try Sinatra::Base.settings

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Sinatra::Base.settings is an object but different than the one I get in get blocks. It looks like an empty one. –  Behlül Jan 4 '14 at 7:02
If I use Sinatra::Base.set for setting them as well, then it works. Is this the best solution we can? –  Behlül Jan 4 '14 at 7:23

you may want to see Sinatra.register and Sinatra.helpers

see http://www.sinatrarb.com/extensions.html for more details

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