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Just started Backbone.js and following tuorials at

Here is what I wanted to achieve. I created a model which asks for width and saves it. Now I have used listenTo with object I have created as below on model to read the changed property value. It triggered the change event, but, I always get undefined for width. Code is below.

var mod = Backbone.Model.extend({
    askColor:function() {
        var w = prompt("Enter width");
        this.set({ width:w})

var model = new mod();

var obj = {};
obj.listenTo(model, 'change', function() {
    alert("width = "+model.width)

I really don't know what am I missing in the code or am I doing wrong? Please help out a beginner....

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The width attribute is actually stored inside model.attributes. You should use .get() to get the width attribute.

obj.listenTo(model, 'change', function() {
    alert("width = "+model.get('width'))
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That solved my problem :) thanks – JJPA Jan 4 '14 at 9:07

You can also use model.attributes.width alongwith model.get('width').

Also following is the best tutorial I found when I started to learn Backbone.js:

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