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I'm working on s3c6410's (Arm11-Samsung) MFC hardware, I want to encode an avi movie into an mpeg4 movie with this hardware on wince 6.

I created an instance of MFC and initialized it.then I test it, after the encoding is done, data saves on a file.

but I Really can not be sure of encoding success, because i can not test the output video.

I have the following questions:

1- how can I remove the AVI header information from my source video.

2- how to include MPEG4 header into destination video file?

edit on 1/5/14:

One of my friends told me he played an AVI video with directshow.

my device has directshow on WINCE6, is it possible to read frames from AVI file with directshow and put frames into MFC Hardware?

edit on 18.01.2014:

my device MFC Hardware only takes YUV format. so I grab all of my video frames on computer convert them into YUV format and gave them into my hardware, I found a simple H.264 source code from here, it only helps me to see 2 frame of my file and after that the decoder shows an error. so I know my H.264 Headers are incorrect.

I finally able to see the encoding steps was correct. now my only problem is MPEG-4 header. Is there any simple and step by step sample to describe the MPEG-4 header?

any advice or Help would be great and useful.


Ahmad Afkandeh.

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If you want to use directshow, you need to check if there is a directshow driver for the MFC Hardware, or create a directshow filter yourself. If you have never used directshow before, you will probably need quite some time to learn it. Don't start writing a filter before you know how directshow works. –  Wimmel Jan 7 at 9:00

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