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I am currently working on a web application and looking for a way to retrieve the values of TextBox and DropDownList controls using a single (custom) interface.
The catch is there are two types of DropDownList I need to consider - single choice and multiple choice (items in list having checkboxes).

I already designed a small hierarchy of interfaces, addressing the needs of all cases also to extend the hierarchy for other controls for possible later use. Now I wondered if I just used one interface in the manner of

public interface IControl
    string GetValue();
    string[] GetAllValues();

and, for example, would return "" for GetAllValues() when used in a TextBox is this a design-flaw? Is there probably another way around? Like reflection? Could reflection be considered a good alternative?

Thank you for your help

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What's your goal? Why is returning a string array with a single element not acceptable? You could implement IControl with the "string[] GetAllValues()" method, then have a ISingleValue interface which inherits from it with the "string GetValue()" method. – WithMetta Jan 4 '14 at 8:30
Thank you for your reply. I already have an interface hierarchy I consider to be too large. Using the interface I want to be able to retrieve (currently) either a TextBox Text, or a DropDownList SelectedValue, or a DropDownList SelectedItems. – bash.d Jan 4 '14 at 8:50

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