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My app on Heroku like abc.herokuapp.com.

I have my own domain on GoDaddy like mydomain.com.

I have added two custom domain into heroku: 1. mydomain.com 1. www.mydomain.com

I added a record www CNAME into godaddy and points to abc.herokuapp.com. and it is working fine with www.mydomain.com.

But it is not working with mydomain.com.

How I can point it with mydomain.com as well.

Please help me.

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It is because you need to use ALIAS or ANAME record, not CNAME in configuration of your DNS resolver, in your case it is GoDaddy. That is becasue CNAME (I believe in most, and even all cases) record isn't allow to use "@" or "*" masks on a second-level domain name. See the record type in the list of available. If your DNS resolver doesn't allow adding the ALIAS record. You have only two solitions: change DNS resolver, with transferring your domain into the selected one that allow you to use ALIAS/ANAME, for example to DNSimple, or add redirection from mydomain.com to www.mydomain.com. Please also read the article on how to setup DNS on Heroku.

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