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I have a wagon site fully working that I can see when I start the server

I have a working LocomotiveCMS engine on my machine

Now I would like to deploy the wagon site to the engine as described in the guide on the locomotivecms website

I have edited the deploy.yml file to have details of the locomotive engine site administrator account. (locomotive url on my localhost; email; password)

I try to push the whole site using bundle exec wagon push staging and I receive this complaint : 'unable to get an API token: localhost:8080/locomotive/locomotive/api/tokens.json does not respond. Perhaps, the ssl option is missing in your config/deploy.yml file'

I like the locomotive engine but as now I cannot get to it to work with the wagon site that I have made.

Github link https://github.com/LucaDev13/wagon_zurb

Can someone shed some light on what I am missing?

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This is just a guess based on the response you are getting. It is showing the directory structure as "/locomotive/locomotive."

So my guess would be that you have defined the host as http://localhost:8080/locomotive so, unless that is in fact the correct directory structure, I would suggest changing the host to http://localhost:8080 (removing the /locomotive) and then try again.

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Hi, This answer is absolutely correct. In fact when using localhost:8080 the deployment has been executed immediately. –  user2313058 Jan 6 '14 at 22:19
Glad it worked for you :) –  user3101431 Jan 7 '14 at 16:20

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