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I currentley have a test site up and running on mydomain.cm/test. I am using the WYSIWYG module with tinymce to allow my customers to upload pictures to the site. One a image is added to the site tinymce/imce does not use the base url defined for the site in front opf links but gives linkes realtive to the root i.e. a picture of img.jpg will be linked in the code as /test/img.jpg. When the site goes live and we lose the /test the img will no longer be found there.

What would be the best way to bulk upload all the links before going live to remove /test in front of the links?

In the future when settting up a test site I will user a subdmain instead so I will not have this issue.

Any help would be apreciated.

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The easiest way is to run a MySQL query directly on your database. Just search and replace in your node_revisions table in both the body and teasers column.

update node_revisions set body = replace(body,'/test/','/');
update node_revisions set teaser = replace(teaser,'/test/','/');

Of course, backup before you do this.

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One solution is to leave all your content untouched and rewrite all the /test/*.[jpg,gif,png] urls through a rewrite rule in .htaccess.

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