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I have successfully installed PMD in JUNO(Eclipse) but not able to see it in the properties. I want to run the Project on PMD.

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There are two PMD plug-ins for Eclipse: PMD for Eclipse and eclipse-pmd.

If you've installed the PMD plug-in using the Eclipse marketplace then you're using eclipse-pmd which requires Eclipse to run on a JVM version 7 or later. If you're running Eclipse on a JVM version 6 or earlier and you're using eclipse-pmd 0.7 or earlier the PMD property page won't be visible.

To solve this problem you have to run Eclipse on a JVM version 7 or later. To change the JVM on which Eclipse runs you have to set the parameter -vm in your eclipse.ini accordingly. The Eclipse Wiki explains how to specify the JVM.

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Hi, I used --> sourceforge.net/projects/pmd/files/pmd-eclipse/update-site i am using Juno on JDK 7. –  iSmilingBuddha Jan 4 '14 at 13:40
In this case I unfortunately can't help you. You could try asking the question in the PMD Help forum. Or install eclipse-pmd and see if this works for you. –  eclipse-pmd Jan 4 '14 at 13:49

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