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I'm using Amazon SimpleDB for my web application. I'm looking for a tool like phpMyAdmin that will allow me to administer the database from one place (see all my Domains, view all records - run test queries etc) but all I can find is the free firefox plugin from Bizo


This will not do because it wont let me point it at the European host of simple DB which is sdb.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com

I don't mind paying for something if necessary.

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I use SDB Explorer (http://www.sdbexplorer.com/), which is not free, but reasonably priced.

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I've just installed the bizo.com SDB Firefox extension and I can select the EU region from the dropdown on the lower left of the screen.

I have version 2010-05-03.

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If you are an Eclipse user, the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse includes Amazon SimpleDB support, as well as a number of other AWS services.

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