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hi and happy new year guys,

I would like to ask if its possible to post/publish a message via timeline using ajax or jquery-ajax?

currently my script is functionality/process like this one.... first user login which it will automatically add a cookie or site session mark as login. Also note I didn't store the facebook access token via db or cookie.

my question are 1. if I store the session of facebook how much time is the expiration time of the session token? 2. is there a way even I didn't add a facebook session when posting via AJAX? 3. is there a possibility I can post using ajax? if yes can you give me some link or tutorial on how to make this part.


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1) thats up to you, you're storing it.

2) Not sure what that means.

3) Really, you shouldn't use ajax calls across domains, but you can if you hack around it.

Here's an example

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do you know how much seconds/minutes/hour before the access token of facebook expired? –  zearth Jan 4 '14 at 13:00

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