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I have simple android application with two activities:

  • First main activity containts ViewPager with tab navigation (3 tabs, one fragment per tag). One of these fragments is ListFragment which is a contact book (images and text).

  • Second activity represents contact details.

When user clicks on listview contact row then the second activity is started with contact details. Back buttom from this activity works fine, when clicked then main acitivity is resumed immediately. But I have problem with home button (up button in action bar). When it's clicked then main activity is not resumed but created again and it consume lot of time (even 800ms).

Manifest card activity config with home button fragment:

     <!-- Parent activity meta-data to support API level 7+ -->
          android:value="com.sampleapp.activity.MainActivity" />

Is there any way to resume main acitivity from stack (if it is there) when home button occur?

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How are you returning to the main activity? Are you using NavUtils. navigateUpFromSameTask()? or some other method? –  David Wasser Jan 6 at 22:09

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Try This It may help you to get activity in front

Intent i = new Intent(this,YourActivityName.class);
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Actually this may not be what you want. Unless you finish the current activity, this will just move the main activity to the foreground thereby putting the current activity underneath it. This means that pressing the BCK button on your main activity will now show the activity that you just left. –  David Wasser Jan 6 at 22:08

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