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Is it somehow possible to create mock service in soapUI without having wsdl file? All I have is sample request and responses. I think that should be possible to generate WSDL from request and response examples with soapUI but I'm not able to find any tutorials about it.

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Just with request/response you may not be able to construct the WSDL. If you have the end point URL, append '?wsdl' to the end point URL,open it in a browser, you should get the WSDL.

Also if you have the schema with you, you can try generating WSDL file from here

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This link no longer works – sweetfa Jun 11 '14 at 20:26

You can just trick SOAPUi with some dummy WSDL, at least with a single request/response definition! Just replace the requests it generates with the XML document you wanted. You an also add additional requests with entirely different request/responses by copy and pasting!

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