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I have always been using netbeans to develop php project but wanted to give a try to see how intellij Ultimate (version 13 in this case). After installing the php plugin, and created a simple web application project, I got lost. Turns out to some hours of googling and trial and error I couldn't find that small thing that could say check to copy the the files to remote location or remote server etc.

I am running fedora 19 with apache2 so my root directory is /var/www/html/phpproject. I am hoping to see my files from /media/blacksensei/Repo/work/intellijworkspace/phpproject/src copied to that folder so that I can have access to it via http://localhost/phpproject.

Can anyone explain this process simply for me.

Thank you

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I'm not php developer. But what I see that it is quite simple:

  1. Create Run/Debug configuration for PHP Web aplication
  2. Tap + in Before launch section
  3. Choose Upload to Remote Host and configure it

You can find more details here - http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/webhelp/uploading-and-downloading-files.html#d438110e553

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