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I have this line code:

$('#ss_account_submit').val('Create Account!');

So the .val() has a text within it. I wonder dow do I get to translate with qTranslate (WordPress plugin) a text within .js code like the line above:

The qTranslate allow to use quick shortcodes or regular shortcodes such as:

[:pt] For Brazilian Portuguese Language
[:en] For English Language
<!--:pt--><!--:--> For Brazilian Portuguese Language
<!--:en--><!--:--> For English Language

I tried a lot of things with my low knowledge in PHP/JS that didn't work, such as:

$('#ss_account_submit').val('[:pt]Crie uma conta![:en]Create Account!');

$('#ss_account_submit').val('<--:pt-->Crie uma conta!<--:--><--:en-->Create Account!<--:pt-->');

$('#ss_account_submit').val __(('<--:pt-->Crie uma conta!<--:--><--:en-->Create Account!<--:pt-->'));

$('#ss_account_submit').val (<?php __('<--:pt-->Crie uma conta!<--:--><--:en-->Create Account!<--:pt-->') ?>);

Another way to make translation works is by using this kind of codes:

<?php echo __('<--:pt-->Crie uma conta!<--:--><--:en-->Create Account!<--:pt-->') ?>


(__('[:pt]Crie uma conta![:en]Create Account!'))

Any idea what could work for this original line?

$('#ss_account_submit').val('Create Account!');
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Your formatting looks a little off. Have you tried:

<?php _e("<!--:pt-->Crie uma conta<!--:--><!--:en-->Create Account<!--:-->"); ?>

Note: that will not work inside a standard .js file.

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^Hi, but how do I use your code into it: $('#ss_account_submit').val('Create Account!'); it doesn't work if using this way: $('#ss_account_submit').val(<?php _e("<!--:pt-->Crie uma conta<!--:--><!--:en-->Create Account<!--:-->"); ?>); –  user3160406 Jan 4 at 15:41

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