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I wanna use SOLR for and application. i get my data from SQl. I just need to know the pons and cons about using CSV and XML for importing.

thank you so much.

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If you're retrieving data from a database why not consider avoiding an intermediate file format and use the DataImportHandler (wiki.apache.org/solr/DataImportHandler)? Another alternative is a programming library like Solrj (wiki.apache.org/solr/Solrj) –  Mark O'Connor Jan 4 at 15:53

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For Solr, there is no difference -- it's just an import format, whereby you create data and PUSH it into Solr. As Mark pointed out in his comment, you could also use a DataImportHandler and PULL data from your data source into Solr.

There could be advantages, such as file sizes for very large data sets, but that's just generic comparisons about CSV/XML/JSON/etc. In the end, it's just a way to format your data and let Solr interpret that for insert/update to your search index.

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so you say there is no difference even for multivalued data? –  Pouya Samie Jan 5 at 6:49
If I understand your question, no -- there is no difference. Solr supports multivalued fields in CSV data via the split parameter. –  jro Jan 6 at 0:56
thank you So much –  Pouya Samie Jan 6 at 6:01

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