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What is the Requirement

We have View page, where all the details are displayed in a datatable.This table we are using rowtoggler and rowexapnasion to show another nested datatable. For example main table displays list of employees. And on click of rowtoggler department details related to employee are displayed as rowexpansion. There is also another requirement, on doubleclicck any employee record, the record must be displayed for editing in another tab. We have usded the below code for the same.

What is the problem.

Since the event"rowDblselect" is applied to employee table,the property is getting applied to nested department table as well. As aresullt if we doubleclick on department rows also, the employee record is opening for edit, which is not correct.

What could be the root cause

The java script method is getting called when nested table row is double clicked.

What are the different approaches we tried.

  1. Tried to avoid the row selection on nested table.
  2. Added separate ajax event="rowDblselect" on nested table with listener In both cases parent table property is overriding nested table property.

Techlogies used JSF 2.0 Primefaces 3.5 Oracle WLS 12c EJB 3.0 and JPA

Can we avoid parent table property getting applied to nested table

Any occurence of such behavoiur with any other, what is the solution tried out.

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