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I'm making a little "website" using the playframework. I've made a method to create a ploeg en to display them. but when I try to delete them (made a button to do that) ik gives me this error:

    [PersistenceException: ERROR executing DML bindLog[] error[Unique index or primary key
    violation: "PRIMARY_KEY_4 ON PUBLIC.PLOEG(ID)"; SQL statement:\n insert into ploeg 
    (id, naam, punten) values (?,?,?) [23505-172]]]

This is the method in my Ploeg.java where the mistake is situated:

    public static void maak(Ploeg ploeg) {

This is my Ploeg.java:

package models;

import play.data.validation.Constraints;
import play.db.ebean.Model;

import play.data.validation.Constraints.*;
import javax.persistence.*;
import java.util.*;
 * Created by Bram on 3/01/14.

public class Ploeg extends Model {

public Long id;

public String naam;
public Integer punten;

public static Finder<Long, Ploeg> find = new Finder(
        Long.class, Ploeg.class

public static List<Ploeg> all() {
    return find.all();

public static Ploeg maak(Ploeg ploeg) {
    return ploeg;

public static void delete(Long id) {

public static void geefPunt(Long id) {
    Ploeg ploegje = find.byId(id);
    ploegje.punten = ploegje.punten + 3;


Now that method is called from my Applicaion.java like this:

    public static Result deletePloeg(Long id) {
        return redirect(routes.Application.ploegen());

And again that method is trigger from index.scala.html by clicking the delete button:

    @form(routes.Application.deletePloeg(ploeg.id)) {
        <input type="submit" value="Delete">

I hope someone can help me explain what this error means and how to solve it. I've been trying to do so for over 6 hours now.

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Check why insert statement is executing on deletion – Deepak Jan 4 '14 at 15:05
I did that, but I can't find where it calls up that insert statement. You can see which steps it runs through, and no sign where it triggers the insert function or any other function. – josvankamp Jan 4 '14 at 15:14
the error is simply saying in db there is a row with same primary key so primary key should be unique .Also Post your Ploeg class – Deepak Jan 4 '14 at 15:15
what routes.Application.ploegen() this method doing.I think this is generating a new Plogen and generating insert statement .Also make the id auto generate @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.AUTO) – Deepak Jan 4 '14 at 15:34
That routes.Application.ploegen() is a rerout to the page where all the ploegen are displayed. This it what is does: return ok(views.html.index.render(Ploeg.all(), ploegForm)); – josvankamp Jan 4 '14 at 15:41

In my routes file I hade this line:

POST    /ploegen                    controllers.Application.deletePloeg(id: Long)

And I changed it to:

POST    /                           controllers.Application.deletePloeg(id: Long)

I don't know why, but it works!

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