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I want to start Unity with a simple 2d game like character animating with keys and catching the points in air. How to make this simple game in Unity? Any help will be appreciated. Thank u. enter image description here

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here's Pixelnest very good unity tutorial 2d for beginner, this is my first tutorial to learn Unity3d. very easy to understand. the tutorial covers all element for 2d games like enemy,player,boss,parallax scrolling this tutorial also provide you with spirte for your game. you will also learn enemy AI,boss animation and make menu in game .

after that you can learn another 2d tutorial from Brackeys on Youtube. very good and easy to understand.

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Go to They have a bunch of tutorials, documentation and a forum. They recently came out with Unity 4.3 which introduced a whole bunch of 2D tools. If you're a beginner look at the tutorials or if you know your programming pretty well just go check out the scripting reference. Unity is a great tool to learn introductory game programming, good luck!

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This tutorial series is very good. It is an in-progress series by Brackys for unity 4.3. Unity 4.3 was a unity update where they added 2D features such as 2D physics, sprites, 2D colliders, etc. However, I recommend that you first learn about Unity's editor and basic unity. Tutorials for unity can be found at, as Dale Matthews said.

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Unity3d 4.3 the latest version now come with a new and special feature to design 2d games. Now 2d game design is easier. you can find a lot of stuff on unity3d official website. Enjoy the new feature of unity3d 4.3 and make cool games.

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Depends of the version of unity. Since Unity 4.3, there is a module for create special 2D VideoGame.

Actually .. you can create 2D VideoGame in unity 4.2 and inferior. You just have to create a plan, rotate it to (-90, 0, 0).

Then you can create something, on you axis x and y. Hope it helps you !

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Lynda has a good video course. It provides step to step tutorial and explains key concepts of 2d game development. It is essentially good for beginner with no game dev experience. And the above answer also includes the free tutorial from official unity site. These are good starters. I follows these tutorials and make a very simple 2d game on Android.

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