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Is it possible to get session timeout value set in WebSphere Application Server from Java code dynamically?

I need to show an alert 5 minutes before the actual session expires. Please suggest.


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Since it's from server config, I had a thought that we may be able to get it using Java Code.Is it possible to detect all keypress events with javascript ? Considering that I know the session timeout in advance, I can run a timer manually and show the alert if the application is idle. – Ramesh Jothimani Jan 4 '14 at 17:34

You can get the session timeout with the funcion getMaxInactiveInterval().You can also get the timestamp of session creation using a Listener that stores that value on a Session scoped variable. If you query both values from the browser, you can activate a timer that solves your problem.

For the timeout:

For the listener (watch SessionLifeCycleEventExample):

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