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Is there an function in PHP that does this:

preg_match('/abc [0-9][0-9] xoxo/', $html);

and then output the information what is [0-9][0-9]



hi i am string 69 cool!


/hi i am string [0-9][0-9] cool!/


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Add a capturing group (). –  PeeHaa Jan 4 at 17:08
Your 'string' and 'Output' are identical? Is that really what you intend? –  grebneke Jan 4 at 17:15
Sorry, the output should be 69 –  DazDylz Jan 4 at 17:30
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preg_match returns just a boolean if the whole expression matched. To receive the desired content, you need to supply the third parameter:

if (preg_match('/abc (\d+) xoxo/', $html, $matches)) {
#                     / 
#                   / 
    print $matches[1];


$matches will contain the complete matched strings, and any partial results from (..) capture groups; here in index [1] for your found decimals.

See the manual for more examples.

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Yes, we have enough duplicates. But I can't really uncover such trivial ones. –  mario Jan 4 at 17:37
Works! Thank you! –  DazDylz Jan 4 at 17:54
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Pass a $matches array to preg_replace. It would populate with all the matches.

preg_replace Manual Entry

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