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I want to develop a website that contains a forum and live chat and some chatrooms. Now, should I develop it using Java or Python? I have experience in Java and PHP, but are JSP webpages slower compared to others? My web application will also contain some live chat and chat rooms. Now, there will be a load on the server, and I don't want it to break down or go slowly, so what's your advice to me?

Please don't advise me to develop it in the language I am familiar with. The website is important to me, so I am open to learning new technologies.

The live chat/chat rooms are also present in the website.

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Yes is the answer to your first question. –  KevinDTimm Jan 19 '10 at 9:50

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Find an open source implementation of a site that is close to what you need, and modify it where necessary. Don't be too disappointed if it is written in a language you already know!

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In forum applications the bottleneck will be the database, not the language. So yes, pick the one you're familiar with. Unless you don't want to, in which case you should pick something else.

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Unless you are looking for a project to broaden your knowledge, stick with what you know. Java and Python are excellent Web programming tools, but PHP is more wide-used and is gaining more and more grounds in Java's domain. Just look at Zend and IBM.

As of speed; look here: .

My opinion is that execution-speed can be brought down by buying more processors. The most important thing is having a programming language that fits your needs and makes you happy. You are going to be using a LOT of time with it, so make sure it is fun -- and powerful.

Hope this helps :-)

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