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I have created a small JSF web project with primefaces 4.0.

I use a basic template, which contains the header and footer. In the header there is a button which shows a growl message (p:growl element) when he gets pressed.

In the project there are following files:

  • index.xhtml: Contains two buttons, which redirects/forwards to another page

All other pages uses the basic template (include header and footer).

If I press the button on the redirect.xhtml page everything is okay and the message is shown correctly, but If I press the button on the forward.xhtml page, nothing happens.

I created a simple eclipse project which you can find here: GrowlRedirectForward.zip

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Problem could be the way redirect and forward works behind the scenes. Have a look at this link for a potential solution.

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I tried that before, but that do not slove my problem. It is really strange that I lose the message due a page forward. Normally messages are lost due to a page redirect. –  MeJ Jan 6 at 9:55

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