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I am trying to setup Android Studio on my Mac. It is running OSX 10.9.1 Mavericks. I have installed the latest JDK (at the time of writing 1.7 update 45), and I installed Android Studio. I use Java 7 because I have some Java applications I have to run and they require 1.7. Selecting it in from any launcher does literally nothing. Activity Manager never shows it running.

I did some work and tried to run the executable via command line through the package contents, and for both executables, I get these messages:

Error message

I am unsure what I am supposed to do to fix this error. I'm not very adept on a Mac (still somewhat new to it, and its confusing to do power user stuff on this) so if anyone can help me figure it out that'd be great. I'm on the 2013 Macbook Air with plenty of resources for this to run.

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I figured it out. You have to edit the android studio's Info.plist file in the package so it uses 1.7. I don't get why Android Studio insists we install and use an outdated, vulnerable version of Java.

Location of file - you need to open it in the Applications folder Full resolution: http://i.stack.imgur.com/yyYaG.png

Edit the plist (I think you might need to be root) and change JVMVersion from 1.6* to 1.7* (or 1.8*, or whatever JDK major version you have). I don't get why that made a difference since my original output said it was using 1.7 anyways.

This fix seems to apply to all of IntelliJ's IDEs (I've seen it on PyCharm as well), though other ones seem to support newer versions of java natively.

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For me, changing it to 1.8* did the trick. So you must probably change it to the latest JVMVersion –  ejazz Apr 16 at 6:58
You set it to whatever JDK major version you have. 1.8 didnt exist at the time. –  Mgamerz Apr 16 at 13:22
worked! now using 1.8 thanks –  Gaston M Jul 21 at 21:00

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