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How can I create compound paths in snap.svg? A simple example would be two concentric circles, which create a "donut" shape. Is there a nice way of combining these two circles into a compound path?

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Looking at How to achieve 'donut holes' with paths in Raphael, I've converted the accepted answer to Snap.svg.

var d = s.path("M 50 50 L 50 150 L 150 150 L 150 50 z" +
          " M 75 75 L 125 75 L 125 125 L 75 125 z")
d.attr({"fill": "#f00"})
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Hi @kevin-hakanson.Your answer is up! And I am looking for the opposite of your solution please.Here is my question:… –  user3117671 Aug 6 '14 at 8:35

If you have the two paths as string1 and string2, you could try something like...

var paths = s.path([string1,string2]);
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