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I am looking for others who are trying to create custom firmware for Sony SmartWatch NM2.

Current progress on my side (not too far) :

  • Arduino toolchain used
  • USB VCP without luck. Device is detected by windows but not recognized (probably problem with timing or interrupts). Can somebody somehow confirm that watches really uses 26Mhz OSC on HSE ?
  • BT SPI 3 - Well, not sure how I can measure this. Trying send some SPI packets and I am getting 0 or 0xFFFF on back depends on configuration. But nothing on IRQ from SPI3 or from external IRQ

What I am not sure is :

  1. where is really SPI3 nSS is used because there is some mess in toolchain pin's definition and on web page. Also BT Host WakeUp vs SPI 3 Int (probably needed by bluetooth module) is not sure (SPI 3 Int is alternate function on BT module for pin used also for BT Host Wakeup)
  2. how is USB connected - there is pin "USB disconnect". If you set it to High, it will disconnect USB OTG FS (which is probably used)

Can somebody share any info or findings with me ? Even detailed picture of internals will help me before I will strip it to pieces. I already ordered Netduino 2 which is based on very similar CPU (25Mhz) for easier debugging (Netduino have JTAG port)

Thanks - it is nice piece of hardware but I need to make it communicating somehow (Bluetooth will be best, USB will help). I don't want make only stupid watches from it.

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