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i just bought dreamhost shared hosting and uploaded my APNS file there, to use apple push notifications but its still giving error, if any body know how can i fix this error then tell me here is dreamhost file link http://goo.gl/UHW5lZ

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You should add more information on your problem, what have you tried and what specifically is wrong –  I3arnon Jan 5 at 0:59
i was getting error on my shared hosting while running APNS php file, then i saw over stackOverFLow a comment says we can run APNS over dreamhost shared hosting: goo.gl/x9oP47 i bought dreamhost but still i am getting errors, goo.gl/UHW5lZ i talk to dreamhost support and they said their ports are open there is no port issue its script issues so any one please help me to resolve this issue and i could implement notifications in my iphone app –  user2708903 Jan 6 at 5:12
Your link goes to appliconic.dreamhosters.com/simplepush.php which seems like a malformed URL. Is this the error you're referring to? We can't help if you don't provide enough information. –  Nick Jan 10 at 9:50

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