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I've been going around and around reading the docs and doing searches, but there isn't a clear explanation of how to reach a plugin view using a web browser.

My plugin is called MediaManager.

I have CakePlugin::loadAll(); in my bootstrap.php file.

I have CakePlugin::routes(); in my routes.php file.

I have MediaManagerAppController.php and MediaManagerAppModel.php in their respective folders, and I have a MediaController.php file with a MediaManager class that extends MediaManagerAppController, and a manager function defined within. In the view folder, I have a view file called manager.ctp.

I enter the URL /MediaManager/Media/manager into the address bar and I recieve an error that I haven't created a MediaManagerController in my app/Controllers/ directory, so obviously it isn't even trying to access my plugins directory.

I double checked that I was entering the url correctly by copying the output of $this->Html->url(array('plugin' => 'MediaManager', 'controller' => 'media', 'action' => 'manager')); I also tried every combination of upper and lower case letters for the parameters just in case.

I've created a routes.php file in my plugin/MediaManager/Config/ directory, and put in a var_dump, but it never gets called either.

Please help!


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You should stick to the convention to use snake_case in your URLs, thus:

$this->Html->url(array('plugin' => 'media_manager', 'controller' => 'media', 'action' => 'manager'));

which will produce the URL


Even though both versions might work. Also make sure you clear the cache after adding plugins (or loading new ones).

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Thanks.It helped me. – kevin Aug 13 '14 at 9:14

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