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in my aspx page i have a div which contains simple html ,has some id(say 'datadiv')

using jquery i want to get the html of that div (entire div) into a JavaScript variable

how can it be done?

thank you.

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var somvar = $("#somediv").html();
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If you want the equivalent of Internet Explorer's outerHTML to retrieve both the div and it's contents then the function from this page that extends JQuery should help:#

jQuery.fn.outerHTML = function() {
    return $('<div>').append( this.eq(0).clone() ).html();

Then call:

var html = $('#datadiv').outerHTML();

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            <!DOCTYPE html>
            <script src=""></script>

            <b>Hello</b><p>, how are you?</p>


            **Out put:**
            Hello, how are you?
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Finally got it working..!! the simplest way !!

<div class="extra-div">
    <div class="div-to-pull-in-variable">
     // Your Content Here

JQuery Code

    $(function() {
        var completeDiv = $('.extra-div').html();
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