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Okay so I have my navigation for my entire website in one single file called: navigation-sidebar with the following code right now,

<ul class="sidebar-nav">
  <li class="sidebar-brand"><a href="#">Candy Kingdom</a></li>

I then have the actual code for my website pages in the folder called: pages

I am wanting to create a php foreach statement in navigation-sidebar that creates the <li> </li> for each file in the folder pages.

I am not sure how to tell php how to read a directory and create based on that directory. I'm not wanting to type the navigation manually.

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have a look at us1.php.net/glob –  bruchowski Jan 5 at 3:56
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Use foreach the glob function:

foreach(glob("pages/*.html") as $page){ // to get all the extentions use "*.*"
    print('<li class="sidebar-brand"><a href="pages/'.$file.'">Candy Kingdom</a></li>');
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