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I am trying to create a property for an instance of a viewController, like so,

@property (strong, nonatomic) DetailsViewController *videoViewController;

but I get an error saying that:

DetailsViewController is an unknown type name

The view controller is definitely imported like so,

#import "DetailsViewController.h"

Why is this happening?

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Show the complete header file and show the contents of DetailsViewController.h –  Gary Jan 5 at 5:24
I think, you are facing circular import problem, seems duplicate –  Bilal Saifudeen Jan 5 at 5:26
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To avoid Circular imports, always write Import statements in .m file, and use forward declaration in .h file.

In .h file

@class DetailsViewController;

In .m file

#import "DetailsViewController.h"


For private properties, use Objective - C extensions, i.e,

Im .m file

#import "DetailsViewController.h"

@interface MasterViewController ()<YourProtocolList>

@property(nonatomic, strong) DetailsViewController *detailViewController;


@implementation MasterViewController
//Your implementation stuff

In case of inheritance, you may need to import in .h file.

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This works, thanks –  matthew Jan 5 at 5:32
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