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I have few questions regarding Microsoft HRM and Microsoft CRM.

1- Can we install/Use them on my local network with out using internet? 2- Are they desktop applications or Do they provide any desktop application to manage them? 3- Do they have any version for tablet and smart phones ?

I already google these questions but did not find anything proper answer. Any help will be appreciated.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web application. It runs entirely within your own network and is used from the browser. There are plugins available for Outlook for dynamics; but all management is done from the application itself.

It does not require the Internet to run.

Microsoft HRM (which is a component of Microsoft Dynamics AX) is also a web application; but has a native Windows client. AX itself a complex framework with many components. Here is a high level architecture overview, from MSDN:

Dynamics AX Overview

As far as I am aware, Dynamics AX does not have a native mobile version. However, there are many third party component developers that can enable mobile/tablet functionality for Dynamics. Microsoft bills AX as more as a platform so mobile enablement is left for the developer/company/partners. For example, dynamicsanywhere is one such partner that enables AX to run on mobiles.

In February 2012 Microsoft announced a native mobile version for Dynamics CRM which was an add-on component.

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