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I am sitting in a Web Development Workshop and the guy just told that there is a Triple Equal To Operator === in C along with others as well. (The Only Language I have read till now).

Just tried this code in Visual Studio 2013 and the compiler is giving me errors that there is a syntax error where I typed the ===. Here is the source code -

int main()
int i=5;
char ch=5;
if (i === ch)
    printf("The Values Are Equal");
    printf("The Values Are Not Equal");


The guy told that such operator is used to compare the value along with the data type of the variable as well. So, am I wrong with my code (Same code written by the guy) or is the guy wrong?

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Who's "The guy" ? –  P0W Jan 5 at 5:32
That sounds like javascript, not C... –  Edgar Aroutiounian Jan 5 at 5:33
There is no === operator in C. –  Tim Pierce Jan 5 at 5:33
@P0W - The teacher who is conducting the workshop. –  Pranav Jituri Jan 5 at 5:33
=== is not an operator in C. It is used in other languages, such as PHP. In PHP, === checks for value and type –  Sarwar Erfan Jan 5 at 5:33
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No. = is used for assignment and == is used for equality. There is no === operator in C.

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Loosely speaking, it does:

#define === ==

but no, not really.

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