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This question is potentially a big one but does anyone have a solution to store Profile properties in the Session rather than in a database. Sample source code for a ProfileProvider would be okay but I was hoping that there is some tiny config setting that I was missing that would allow me to do this. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Why do you need to save Profile into database? Profile settings should be stored in db, xml or some other persistent datastore, not in session. When your session ends your profile data will be lost. –  Dariusz Jan 19 '10 at 11:35
Hi - thanks for the prompt response. I really just want something quick and easy with minimal disruption to the existing code/database. Also, as this is for an internal application where users have one window open for the entire working day so the session will last for as long as they are logged in. Really I just want the system to remember what settings/changes they make to the UI whilst they work. This is mainly for a Proof of Concept so I'm quite happy to introduce some temporary code just to prove to my manager that customised UI is something that will make the system more efficient to use –  pb. Jan 20 '10 at 10:10

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