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When I create a new git repository, some configurations settings are automatically added to .git/config. Where can I change these default settings?

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Considering the option template of git init:


Provide the directory from which templates will be used. The default template directory is /usr/share/git-core/templates.

When specified, <template_directory> is used as the source of the template files rather than the default.
The template files include some directory structure, some suggested "exclude patterns", and copies of non-executing "hook" files. The suggested patterns and hook files are all modifiable and extensible.

If you look at the git sources for creating a new db, you could include a config file with your default value there.

The function create_default_files() does have:

 /* First copy the templates -- we might have the default
  * config file there, in which case we would want to read
  * from it after installing.

The git/config.c has the git_default_core_config() function which set default values.

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@Jubobs I have restored the link. –  VonC Oct 5 '14 at 15:12

All git global configs can be altered by the --global supplied at the command line.

For eg:

git config --global user.name "First Last"
git config --global user.email "email@somewhere.com"


All existing git configs can be found by

git config -l

Also, git config -e opens an editor for editing.

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