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I would like to indent my code (say, using 2 spaces) but to have a hard tab width equal to 8, and use it to indent my comments, like here:

   typedef struct
   <1> FILE *file;
       int   i;
       int   j;
       int   k;
   } probeParam_t;

   static int           probesN = 0;  <2>  ///< Number of probes in the system.
   static probeParam_t *probes  = NULL;    ///< Array of probes.

where <1> is the place I have spaces to indent and <2> is a place I have hard tabs to align my comments.

Point is that hard tab saves me from manually realigning my comments, while having spaces to indent the code makes it easier to read the code across the editors I use.

If I set the tab width to 8 chars (common setting), than I would have inappropriate indent size while setting it to 2 will ruin positions of my comments.

How should I configure my shortcuts and settings to type such code in Sublime Text 2 using Tab key? I am even ready to surrender the key and to use different shortcut to (un)indent the code, if necessary, but keep indent equal to 2 and hard tab width to 8.

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