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I want to install Linux distribution (Ubuntu) on USB drive. Please note that I know how to install various Linux distributions on USB as a live OS using various tools but I want to install it as a real OS where I can save my work and can install more software and retain my settings, files and data.

In short I don't want to install Linux as live OS but want to install it like fully working HDD installed operating system. But I want to use USB as HDD and all Linux partitions will be on pen drive.

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It should work if you just boot select the USB drive while installing the OS. If it has enough space that is. – Bibhas Jan 5 '14 at 9:00
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Do a normal install same as what you do while installing Ubuntu on HDD. But instead of choosing a partition from HDD to mount as root use a partition from the USB. Also you will need to create a separate swap space partition on usb though I am not sure about partitioning USB.

One good way is given here - How do I install Ubuntu to a USB key? (without using Startup Disk Creator). You can take a look. You will find more help for Ubuntu related issues on this site than SO.

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Please note that you can setup a LiveOS type of installation onto the USB stick where you can actually reserve some space for data to be saved. Unfortunately that will still not preserve your OS settings and your installed programmes, so i will assume that this is why you are doing this.

So to do what you want you need to start with the LiveCD, and insert the pen drive. Then when you are prompted to select between taking over the drive, installing along side another os, or to do a manual partitioning, you need to select manual. There you will chose the drive of your USB as the installation point (i also suggest deleting the existing file system and setting up something more reasonable like Ext4). You will also probably want to put the boot sector on the very same flash, if your BIOS is set to boot from there.

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