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I have a recursive directive the compiles an HTML element and appends to the DOM structure. The input data I get is the JSON tree. I want to augment the tree to do some pre-processing and set a watch on the tree.

How can I do this considering I want the directive to be reusable?

Can I attach my own controller to the directive scope and do it there? Or maybe post vs pre link function?

Edit : Consider this way of printing a tree. This approach indents the data using css to give the effect of a 'recursive' template but does not use recusrion. If you look at the js file, it actually loops through the JSON data, add parameters to it and applies a $watch on it to notify for the click event.

On the other hand, consider the angular way of using a $compile for runtime DOM manipulation. This approach is very good. I want to modify this method and add parameters to the JSON data before the directive is actually applied. While this should be trivial to do in the application controller, I want to create a reusable directive that can work out of the box like the first approach.

Hope this brings clarity.

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Which 'JSON tree'? Also, what do mean by augmenting it? Any operations that need to be done before the controller fires can be placed in the directives compile function. –  Sprottenwels Jan 5 at 11:21
question is far too vague without some code –  charlietfl Jan 5 at 14:10
Edited the question –  karmanaut Jan 5 at 15:03

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