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i want to write a script for changing of text color and image color on click .. here i want to call the external style sheets (which i ll be creating) to the function .. each color ll be ve ng differnt .css page. so that when i click the orange color the text and the image background should change to to the orange color if i click to red it should change to red..can anyone pls help me out in dis.. any ideas or sugessions... thanks in advance.

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Your English is hard to interpret. I gave up after reading 3 times. Please write normal sentences with full words and if necessary run a spellchecker. Good luck. – BalusC Jan 19 '10 at 12:08

Define each colour as a class in your CSS:

.red {
color: red;

.blue {
color: blue;

Then set a click attribute in your HTML:

<p onclick="javascript: this.setAttribute('class', 'red');">Click to make me red</p>
<p onclick="javascript: this.setAttribute('class', 'blue');">Click to make me blue</p>

There are optimisations not described here - using unobtrusive javascript mainly - but this should give you a start.

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