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I am trying to handle the exception in my code . However the Messaging Exception wraps my customized exception thrown by the code.

Now I want to use the Exception router , and if the type is my customized exception , then i would like to send the message to queue a , else queue b.

Now the issue is, router is receiving the messaging exception object , hence it is not able to identify my exception , and is sending the message to queue b, while exception root cause is still my customized exception.

Router is given below:

 <int:exception-type-router input-channel="exceptionRouterChannel" 
    <int:mapping exception-type=
        channel="validationErrorsDest" />
    <int:mapping exception-type=
        channel="discardDest" />

Can anyone help on this.

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Actually, there is no reason to map to messaging exceptions. ErrorMessageExceptionTypeRouter does the loop for cause.getCause():

So, you can map only for your exceptions.

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