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My Html is like this:

<input class="gbTransform" type="text" name="maxdl" value=""/>

And javascript like this:

        var sz = $(this).val().match(/(\d+)gb/i);
        if(sz.length > 1){

What this does is when a user types 1gb it will automatically calculate into mbs (1 * 1024 = 1024) and change the input fields value.

This works fine but when user types 1.5gb its calculates 5 * 1024 which is incorrect it should be 1.5 * 1024

Thank You.

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You can clear all "gb" strings and use parseFloat:

parseFloat("1.5"); // 1.5


var a = "1.5gb".replace("gb", "");
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Still I am getting an incorrect answer I change parseInt to parseFloat but when I type 1.5gb the value of field is calculated as 5 * 1024 = 5120 instead of 1.5 * 1024 = 1536 –  Shishant Jan 19 '10 at 12:28
please look at updated answer –  Darmen Jan 19 '10 at 13:59

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