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I have a class being used in a Play app as a model:

case Class1(
  id: Pk[UUID] = NotAssigned,
  addedAt: DateTime = null

object Class1 {

The field added_at has a default value in db of now() and it can't be NULL in db. But nonetheless, when I want to create an instance of Class1, I have to specify it even though I don't want to send it db because it will be set to be now() in db:

Class1(addedAt = DateTime.now())

Using null as a default value seems like not a sensible idea, using Option[DateTime] = None doesn't make sense because it can't be null in db. What do I do about it: I want it to exist in Class1 because it exists in db, but at the same time I don't want to specify it because it's not needed?

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Imagine you just created an object of this class and haven't sent it to the database yet. What would the result of (new Class1).addedAt be? You need the notion of not being assigned, same as for id. Since it isn't a primary key, the normal way to express it is Option. If you can ensure you always work with objects which are already sent to the database outside of your DB access layer, then keep Option[DateTime] in your DAL, but don't use it directly in the parts of program which don't need to deal with it being unassigned:

case class Class1DAL(..., addedAt: Option[DateTime])

// must ensure it is never seen with x not sent to DB
class Class1(x: Class1DAL) {
  def id = x.id

  def addedAt: DateTime = 
    x.addedAt.getOrElse(throw new IllegalStateException("Class1.addedAt unassigned, which should be impossible")
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Initialised vs. not-initialised is definitely one valid understanding of an Option value, and doesn't force you to infer where the thing was initialised.

In this case, if you want to avoid misunderstanding, it would be enough to simply rename the value to addedToDb - or use an equivalent doc comment if renaming isn't an option.

I don't think anyone would have a problem with addedToDb being None for an object that hasn't yet been added to the DB!

Also... Don't use null, it's evil

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But don't you forgot about parsing a value from db to my model? In db it's called "addedAt" and it doesn't have a type of Option[DateTime] because it's always present (it can't be null in db). We use Option only if a value in db is nullable. –  Marius Kavansky Jan 5 '14 at 14:58

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